Thursday 23 August 2018


I went to this shop that sold household goods

and I asked for a broom and the man said, we

don’t sell brooms on Thursdays. Oh, I said,

that’s a shame. He said, yes it is, would you

like a bin? No, I said, I’ve got a bin. He said,

you could have another bin, everyone needs

bins. That’s true, I said, everyone does need

a bin. So much rubbish, he said. Yes, I said,

there is a lot of rubbish. And a lot of dirt. Yes,

he said, there is a lot of dirt and...that’s why

I need a broom, I said. Yes, he said, I bet you do;

with so much dirt around everyone needs a

broom. Yes, I said. Yes, he said. I thought

I had made some progress so I said, And

there really is no chance of buying...No, he

said, not on Thursdays. And I said, was there

a special reason why he didn’t sell brooms on

Thursdays and he said, no. He just didn’t

want to sell brooms every day. So I said,

could he move his non-broom selling day

to another day this week, like Friday or Saturday

and he said, Friday is the day that he doesn’t

sell bins and Saturday is the day he doesn’t

sell tea towels and he didn’t want to mess up

the timetable. I said, no, you don’t want to mess

that up, you’d be all over the place...what about

Sunday? I said. What about Sunday? he said.

You know, I said, what don’t you sell on Sunday?

What are you talking about? he said, why

would I not sell things on a Sunday? And I

said, no reason, no reason. And he said, so

you don’t want the bin?And I said, no, I don’t

want the bin.