Thursday 23 August 2018

Camembert Factory

I once went to a Camembert factory.

There were hundreds and hundreds

of Camemberts. What they did was

pour milk into Camembert

shaped collars. Then, as we walked

along, we walked from Camemberts

that had just been poured, to

Camemberts that had been there for

one week, two weeks, three weeks,

four weeks, on and on until it got

to ripe Camemberts. I was 13 and I

had never eaten Camembert. I thought

that they smelled of old socks and

there was no point in going round a

factory that was making old socks

out of milk but I was with my friends

Mart and Chris; and Mart said that he

loved Camembert and each time we

stopped and the man said, ‘une

semaine’ (one week), or ‘deux semaines’

(two weeks) and so on, he gave Mart

some to taste and each time, Mart said,

‘Mmmm, this is great,’ and you could

see bits of the soft smelly milky stuff

on his lips and inside his mouth and I started

to feel sick but on we went, ‘trois semaines’

‘Mmmm’, ‘Quatre semaines’ ‘Mmmm’

and it got smellier and smellier and the bits

of milky stuff on Mart’s lips were getting stickier

and stickier and Mart licked his lips and you could

see his tongue was covered in the thicker slimier

stuff so that when it flicked out of his mouth

it put more creamy lumps on to his lips, though

it didn’t really flick as it was so coated.