Friday 24 August 2018

For Bookmarks (after Britain First incursion)

It looks like we’ve got

yet another case

of guys out rooting

for the master race

invading a shop,

being a bit of a pain

trying to make ‘Britain

Great Again’

by pulling books off shelves,

refusing to leave:

‘what a tangled web’

these klutzes weave:

like bumbling old Boris,

what a decent bloke,

just happens to make

a passing joke

while kindly Steve Bannon

speaks for rationalism,

has a platform on Newsnight

for his Economic Nationalism.

Nothing to worry about

we just have to keep calm

It’s ‘Judeo-Christian war

‘gainst militant Islam.’

If you think that’s just

a load of old testicles,

Netanyahu said it

to the Evangelicals.

So what looks like

just a few books on the floor

is part of a picture that’s

telling us much more.

Anytime we think

they’re just having a laugh

let’s remember the joker

with the toothbrush moustache.

Many thought then

he was just a bit of a pain

who said he’d make

his country great again,

who many thought then

was just a funny face

not a man who’d convince

you were the master race.

We’ve been here before

with Griffin and Tyndall

who did their very best

to light and kindle

the fire of fascism

in every street

but last time they tried

they faced defeat.

Come summer, come winter

wind, frost or rain,

we stopped them before

we’ll stop them again.